Top 5 mobile game very good Summit on iOS, Android gamers have money don’t play

The exclusive mobile game on iOS devices in the article below are making Android gamers must crave thuồng.

Infinity Blade Series

As we all know the devices running iOS platform such as the iPhone, the iPad are very proud to have owned his titles for the Super food list has a non-symmetry 2, Infinity Blade series and also the things to do for those gamers that owns Android device must coveted.

Each version of the game this is her background in mobile Map 3D incredibly sharp and meticulously designed as true to every little detail from the image to the action. In addition, the series also was appreciated with the control mechanisms that tap-and-slide works smoother match than mobile platforms with virtual keys touch operation. The latest version of this series is the Infinity Blade III.

Link download: iOS

Lostwinds 2

Lostwinds: Winter of the Melodias 2 property with color graphics platform, great pictures of a vast world spoiled for you to explore. Built on the success of the first game, the two LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias became a game or experience for iOS. The game also features help you can convert the season between winter and summer at will, and using all the new capabilities from Enril-Holy Spirit.

The task of the player in the game is to rescue the mother of Toku, Magdi. Toku and Enril began the journey through the picturesque Village location-now beset by a sinister eternal winter and live in fear of the monster snow-ice of mountain ranges with Peaks for cooling and excellent, apparently abandoned the city of Melodia. They realize that the hand in the dark of Balasar hugged holds fate of Magdi, closely related to the disappearance of Melodia ancient people centuries ago.

Link download: iOS


The story revolves around the Horn boy blacksmith apprentice. One day, you wake up and find myself the only one left in the village. All the people turned into the monster massive armored robot from the future title also the buildings turned into rubble, ruins. Like many other mobile game, you will enter the “chosen people”, adventure around the world in the Horn, collect magic stones, fight the robot monsters, solve puzzles to find the life for humankind. If you’ve ever played Zelda will feel loved this game because the truth here is attractive and charismatic or Zelda.

Outstanding characteristics of Horn is fighting gameplay similar to Infinity Blade. When encounters a monster, the player will immediately be set up in the mode 1 for 1 and use the virtual keyboard on the side to control the character move, pressure and pickup: Dodge asteroids launched the Japanese strong, brandishing the sword slashing sweet enemy. Every enemy will have a private weakness requires players to memorize to be able to pick out the most suitable technique, bring them down fast without spend blood, time. On the magnificent 3D graphics, sound effects full of excitement, the top and the adventure section await you.

Link download: iOS

The Fancy Pants Adventure

A game was downright other elaborately programming, which is the Fancy Pants Adventure. Play style is somewhat similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, the task of the player is experiencing a tense adventure but also includes lots of amusing details in order to win back the miracle pants.

Destroy hordes of monsters, run, jump and picked up the things on the way to victory. In the game there will be some very interesting mini games, such as using a competing golf to push are snails into the hole.

Link download: iOS

Spiral Episode 1

Spiral Episode 1 is a pretty interesting game when the combination of adventure with a little action. Largely game played according to the storyline, set in the future: a city, the ploy reminiscent of the appeal by the rather mysterious element (the hero suffers memory loss, the Government tried to conceal something, and then the police curfew, …).

The graphics are neat design, city Solliel a bit reminiscent to the title Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The character in the game is a hybrid between animation styles and Dreamworks designs.

The battle was also pretty good investment, simple but not boring. You just need to touch the target to hit and made the attacks.

Climbing is also the fun part but unwittingly become the weak point in the game. The fixed direction makes the story climb must follow a certain order. And you will have to search and order that a thing is not easy when you don’t even know the start of the climb is where.

Link download: iOS

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