Top 5 mobile game very good or worth the play for the first half of January

Below is a list of the new mobile game is worth experiencing for the first half of January, 2017.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Four years after the events of the first series to occur, A New Frontier continue to put players under foot Clementine girl, now a young woman and the guy hands dreams Javier. Both characters can all be gamers, and its main task is to find the family of Javier after a single by zombie hordes.

The gameplay of A New Frontier still take the typical style of The Walking Dead under the hands of Telltale Games. In that episode, the player will discover the plot and the characters around them through conversation. Before every speech of characters gamers will choose one of the four available answers, decide the happenings and the attitude of the people. Sometimes it just plays the role as providing information or push the plot forward, but sometimes it will decide who takes someone longer in the upcoming survival journey.

Besides, A New Frontier also joined the action requires the player must react quickly according to the situation. The action must be taken immediately and properly according to requirements of the game, otherwise you will witness to the carpet under the function correctly or a psychotic man.

Link download: iOS/Android

Evhacon 2

Context in Evhacon 2 as well as the formation of the character makes the player associated to the time of ancient Rome, with the conquest of expansion and defense against the encroachment of man.

When starting to experience the game, players will choose for her character and customize according to interests from different beard, hair style. From the beginning, the dialogue between the NPC and the characters will reveal part of plot as well as the tasks need to be done. For example, in the scenario of the first single-player Storyline, you will have to face the invasion of the army Fabiany Aecheria city from the South.

In it, the Commander of the defense force and Eoshin are his Grandmaster was besieged in the city center, still lost contact with them. From the recently updated Harbour ships, warriors that players must control along with the combat team to destroy the hordes of people who man this approach and to move the target.

The slash in the Evhacon phase 2 makes the player as being engaged in a fierce war really, where to side with the team-is the NPC (for single item). Angle of view from the back is constantly changing depending on the approach of the enemy. The virtual press serves to move and slash is designed similar to most RPGs today.

Link download: iOS/Android

Transformers: Forged to Fight

Transformers: Forged to Fight is a mobile game action style, fighting for the resistance. The most interesting thing that games bring is a familiar character system, retains the shape of the standard rate, as is work on the film.

Through the images the same information provided can see every action of the robot warrior were to reproduce smooth, continuous fire and explosion effects appear after each batch of blood filled bumps or fire equipment. It is also not to mention the small details also be meticulously as layers of paint peeling, glass doors shatter … In fact, to do this then Kabam used a 3D graphics technology, for the peak design photos on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

At present, unclear about the mechanisms of control that Transformers: Forged to Fight will bring but, according to many gamers get the games won’t come to the virtual, the joytick routine. Instead, players will command action for the warriors through the touchscreen claws form in many different directions.

Link download: iOS/Android

Turbo League

After a long period of research, “slow but sure” then this new Zero Four LLC-specializing in game racing has released a new product called Turbo League. Something worth saying, this name has quickly attracted great interest from the community of gamers around the world. Say, with the set points the inherent community then this is considered a perfect copy or version on your mobile Rocket League.

More specifically, the Turbo is also League formed by combining sports action. The game put the player in a football match, but rather controlling the player, the player will be a race car driver, use the following syntax Gore to try to put the ball into the net.

While the race car driver, the player will try to adjust the direction to do try “Gore” hit balloons on the frame. More particularly, the soccer field in Turbo League still offers more places increases the speed to create advantages for players.

Link download: iOS/Android

Gangstar: New Orleans

If is a fan of the GTA legends then you will not want to Miss rookie mobile in this category from Gameloft is Gangstar: New Orleans. This is still an open-world game that allows you to do everything I want without having to worry what.

The game currently has appeared silently on the iOS platform as a free download. However, this is just a limited version for the Philippines, the fans need to have an account App Store in this new country looking forward to play. Compared to the predecessor version of Vegas, Gangstar Gangstar New Orleans is nice and “substance”.

Not only owns a vast open world and mystery, Gangstar New Orleans also give players the vehicles, weapons systems up to hundreds of categories, beyond your imagination. Not only inherit the characteristics of the GTA that Gangstar New Orleans also adds the new system entitled Turf Wars. This mechanism allows the player to set up the notorious Mafia gang to defend his turf as well as contested areas elsewhere.

Link download: iOS


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