Top 5 mobile game or but you may have missed

We sum up the mobile game or, sometimes you have missed them.

Goo Saga

Goo is the Saga game mobile carries the story of the life of a wandering rubber balls in a large city. Obstacles not simple for humans become nightmares for Goo. By surfing the financial players have the task of bringing untold rough Goo to find out the meaning of life.

On the background graphics and outstanding sound to detail you will experience the feeling of making a rubber ball to roll, just bouncing kick up between the ground and the air. The game has three modes of play is Normal, Survival, Time Trial next level 19, 19 4 robot and Monster giant boss. On the dangers of gamers can collect pieces of Crystal to upgrade the character in order to get more features.

Link download: iOS/Android

Geometry Wars 2: Dimensions

Reportedly, the mobile game Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions in the category shoot spaceships with fast-paced, are fighting in a multi-dimensional box in each block. Players will be familiar with features such as dynamic 3D space, enemies and new game modes, like many exciting thing than that.

Basically, the player’s task in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions like how other game in the same category as flying duck bullets of the enemy, fire them and try not to be destroyed. It sounds simple, but with this game have differences. However, the other with the mouse on the PC, you just manipulate a touch on the screen, besides, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions also support for players to connect with external hand-held devices.

Link download: iOS/Android


Flats as a name, not a detailed, non-covered van lines and bridges, all you see are flat red envelope with the red yellow purple green colors catch the eye. The world of Flats at first glance have double parts.. weak and strong mother lacks substance, helped. that a representative shooter to carry. But if you think so, you have to poison her hetero style fool through first look …

Because in the Flats, gamers will feel the dramatic shooting segments with high speed not Super current FPS products. Game for players to join in full the modes that a shooting fans craved, from the excellent match with frantic Singleplayer, rushing on rushing the enemy, until the Fiery showdown between real-life players in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag even competitive.

The special thing of Flats is the way the gun fight. Now every time you pull the trigger, RPG where players fire will leave a trail behind, such as the colourful brushstrokes on the white paper. They can even impact, impact on the walls, the ground or any objects around, change creates the unique treatment phase for second place. This image created for us to feel admired the gun fight in the movie the matrix, where the four fins by the ballistic screen slowly filled with art.

Link download: iOS/Android

Momonga Pinball Adventures

The plot of the Momonga Pinball Adventures begin when the clan Momo flying squirrel being attacked by hordes of evil owls. Members only escaped after Momo sweeps Momonga, determined to find a way to rescue his friends from the claw of the enemy.

Momonga’s journey is divided into several stages, each stage of the Momonga acts as a ball that you must control finishes. Momonga Pinball Adventures combines the elements of adventure with action, including the mysterious areas and both the battle against the flood boss.

Link download: iOS/Android

Chronos Gate

Developed from the studio MadHead from Taiwan, Chronos Gate really is causing great surprise for the community of gamers by gameplay developments along the emphasis on graphic audio peaks that come the big immersive mobile gaming line he must realize.

The game incorporates the Middle kind of Jigsaw (3 x 3) and role-playing cards. The destruction of the Tower floors you by showing the same jewel-colored head as much and as fast as possible big damage strength. The soldiers crossed the pass and the contracts themselves are integrating smarts makes you feel fascinated right from the start the Chronos Gate.

The familiar features of the RPGs on the mobile are also fully updated, such as enhanced character goods, tons of levels, evolution, Hunt boss, as well as in Assembly mode. On top of that is the great graphic expression of each character in the game will make you addicted, wanted to explore the collection more the pet character.

Link download: iOS/Android


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