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Close Combat

0 13
Close Combat is turn based War Game. There are 2 teams. You control one of them. In each turn…

Russian in the Army

0 11
In Russian in the Army you are an agent sent to plant a time bomb precisely to inflict as…

The Chinese Professor

0 20
Help Professor Chan fly by controlling his brand new catapult. Try and fling him as far as possible by…

Ants World

0 14
In Ants World, your goal is to direct the groups of ants into the cave by giving particular ants…

Paper Flight

0 18
In Paper Flight, the objective of the game is to fly the paper aeroplane through the levels by switching…

Monkey Cliff Diving

0 18
In Monkey Cliff Diving, when a monkey pops up, click on the little chappy to make him dive. Time…

Arms Dealer

0 27
In Arms Dealer, you are a lord of warfare, travelling the globe in search of clients! The aim of…

The Professionals 3

0 32
There has been some hacker who has messed with the wrong guy and stole from him in The Professionals…

Arms Dealer 2

0 66
In Arms Dealer 2, the objective of the game is to get as much money as you can by…

Stalingrad 2

0 59
In Stalingrad 2, the objective of the game is to balance your base so that you will have enough…
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