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Lost In The Jungle

0 25
Help your brave soldier, Lost In The Jungle to find a way out from this enemy infested place. Shoot…

Ants Colonies

0 19
Play as am ant and protect the colonies from the invading enemies. Progress down to each colony and eliminate…

The Professionals II

0 16
In The Professionals 2, you are playing a smartly dressed hitman. You are to infiltrate the bad guys building.…

Fat Ninja

0 21
Fat Ninja is a Ninja Game about Stealth. Using your ninja skills try not to get spotted by the…

Close Combat

0 23
Close Combat is turn based War Game. There are 2 teams. You control one of them. In each turn…

Russian in the Army

0 23
In Russian in the Army you are an agent sent to plant a time bomb precisely to inflict as…

The Shepard

0 30
The Shepherd is an Archery based Fighting Game. The romans have taken your father and you must go rescue…

Urban Sniper

0 44
Urban Sniper is a Sniper Shooting Game. You must complete the aim of each mission you take. You have…

Ninja Rampage

0 23
Ninja Rampage is a Ninja Sword Fighting Game. The aim of this game is to get through each level…

Urban Sniper 2

0 33
In Urban Sniper 2, your mission is to Eliminate Don Pedrito and his goons, by following your instructions to…
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