Screenshot Saturday Highlights – November 19, 2016

If you're into acrobatic gunplay, fast-paced swordplay, and time-traveling shenanigans, this collection of highlights is right up your alley.

Dead Cells
Motion Twin | PC | 2017
You aren't a valiant hero in Dead Cells; you're a sentient blob of meat that possesses corpses to find and destroy its creator. Across a metroidvania-style map, your undead warrior wields powerful weapons and items, pulling off fierce combos to slice through monsters and traps.

My Friend Pedro
Dead Toast Entertainment | PC, Mac, Linux
Driven by your titular (and definitely not imaginary) banana friend, you unleash a trail of slow-motion destruction through alleys and buildings. Max Payne-esque gun-fu and skills lets you pull off acrobatic massacres, from ricocheting bullets around corners and shooting multiple enemies simultaneously.

Albatross team | PC | 2017
Albatross puts you in the shoes of software developer Stewart, as you make your way through the infamous Albatross facility and jumping between past, present, and devastated future to solves puzzles.

Volts & Bolts
Betterburg Games | PC, Mac
Vehicular multiplayer action gets the vibrant low-poly treatment in Volts & Bolts. Choosing between Hover, Tank, Copter, and Artillery classes, your vehicles can be customized with various weapons and mods to face off on in fast evasive deathmatches and base attacks.

Paper Unicorn | PC, Mac, Linux
Lost and alone on a mysterious planet, Transmission challenges you to discover the secrets of this alien world and find a way home. Armed with a plasma blade and energy shield, your survival depends on both tense combat, puzzle solving, and exploration through sprawling isometric landscapes.


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