Fresco Wants To Put You In A Puzzling Frame Of Mind

The perspective-shifting puzzler has thrived for almost decade, from Portal and Antichamber to Parallax, The Witness, and others. Yannick Gerometta's Fresco brings a painterly touch to the genre, quite literally as you manipulate the environments around you through framed paintings.

Fresco challenges you to frame the minimalist colorless levels through paintings found through the environments, adding passages and walkways to the world by overlaying the paintings with the surrounding architecture. A solid wall becomes stamped with a colorful doorway. A pale moat is bridged with floating platforms. A stairway appears where none existed before.

While the introduction trailer above only offers a glimpse at Fresco's gameplay, the website suggests more advanced mechanics, such as different kinds of frames and screens to peer through, and energy gates besides windows that suggest more precise manipulation to solve later puzzles.

Fresco is still in the alpha prototype phase, with no stated release dates or platforms at the moment. You can learn more about the game and developer on its site.


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