Child of a Witch 1

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Find out her secret. Look for the differences… Click on the differences. Wolf Game

Hungry Ducks

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Shoot hungry and angry ducks in this unusual top-view shooting game. Shoot food to the yellow ducks, bomb the red birds. Use the mouse to shoot, click and drag the cannon, then release the mouse button to shoot. You can choose between different projectiles to accomplish your mission. Finish the level in time and find the golden egg to get the optimal score. Wolf Game

Neon Catcher

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A relaxing game of collecting pink and green balls. Move the ring and click when you got multiple same colored balls. The are also 5 cool power-ups to be picked up as you play. Use your mouse to catch same colored neon orbs. Making successful catches gives you a time bonus and increases your score multiplier, but catching different colored orbs at once will break your combo. The more orbs you catch at once, the higher the score. Wolf Game

Penguins Can Fly!

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Jump your penguin up the platforms as you collect fish and coins. You can buy upgrades and useful items as well. Use the mouse to the guide the penguin left or right. Wolf Game

Great Game 1/5

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An adventure in online gaming and commentary. Mouse and/or keyboard Wolf Game

Mario Gold Rush

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Get ready for a coin chase with all your efforts. Move within the given area and collect all the coins within the time limit. Your time gets boosted as you catch up the timer on your way. Your score increases with the coins you collect. Your ultimate goal is to open the treasure with the keys you get. You can hold on the key only after collecting all the coins. As soon as you open the treasure, you move on to successive levels. Use arrow keys to move, space bar to pause game. Wolf Game

Chain Connect

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Have fun, relax and forget the daily stress! Play this relaxing chain reaction game with a twist. Immerse and have fun! 1. Hit the shining dots with particles2. Click on a dot to start a chain3. The dot explodes and particles fly around4. The particles move towards the MOUSE5. If you clear the top layer, you move to the layer beneath6. Relax and have fun 🙂 Wolf Game

Super Sonic Runner

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Your task is to guide the super sonic to reach his target. In his way there are many obstacles which kill him, you need to escape him from that obstacles else it will kill the super sonic runner. You have three lives in each level. You need to collect all the money bags on your path, it helps you to increase score on your score board. Up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to Crawl. use keyboard Wolf Game
Save the egg

Save The Egg

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This is catch the chicken egg game. The farmer forgot to take the eggs out of the pothole. The eggs hatch into cute chicks. But these eggs can be dangerous because hens sleep and fall off eggs. Like peasants, catch the falling eggs so they will not break. Eggs have many types: normal eggs, golden eggs and rotten eggs. You collect golden eggs will be added many points. And avoid rotten eggs because you will be subject to heavy points Let’s see how many eggs you catch. The game has three level of play. You can edit it in…

Ghost’s revenge

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Search for differences following a thrilling plot. The more quickly you find the differences the more score you will get. If you don’t guess them you will lose the score. Click on the differences. Wolf Game
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