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He of South Korea Netmarble has recently revealed about will release Super new game products to 17 in 2017.

For those who don’t know, the way the game client, Netmarble is not a name, but the head of the mobile game is completely different. Since the time of the beginning of 2012, Netmarble have visionary and began to advance in the field of mobile game, beat all competitive brands to holding the number 1 position, is the Korean media nicknamed the “dinosaur game mobile”.

If in the beginning year 2016, the airline has announced to his new project, then 26, to the year at the first media event with press, Netmarble have made many people surprised when announced to 17 new titles will released in 2017, which includes all the products in cooperation with NCsoft as Lineage II Blade and Soul, or even both TERA. Netmarble and NCsoft as intimate business partner after the end of “back and forth” with Nexon hitters.

To expand the global market, Netmarble have established cooperation with the Publisher from North America, Europe, China and Japan and some of the products will be reserved for certain areas. Among the most notable titles are introduced as Seven Knights MMORPG, a significant improvement compared with the males he Seven Knights. Reportedly, this version will be developed with Unreal Engine 3 technology to bring players the most impressive image.

In addition, there will be a number of diversity from the many different game genres in the hands of Netmarble, from game action, casual, strategy, collecting the cards and even the game allows players to manually create the plot. Below is the video trailer announced some games will debut at the event. Netmarble currently has yet to reveal any plans about developing a game of virtual reality (VR) in the future, this is a topic, a hot trends are up as “kites against the wind” in the entertainment industry today.

This is the list of these products was revealed

-Blade & Soul

-Icarus M

-Terra (ARPG + MMO)

-Stone Age MMORPG

-The King of Fighters All Star

-Knights Chronicle

-Teria Saga

-Phantom Gate

-Yokai Saga

-Destiny 6

-Penta Storm (MOBA)


-First Born: Kingdom Come

-Trendy Town

-Yokai watch medal Wars

-Transformers: Forged to Fight


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