10 game mobile world opens for new year or, for comfortable offline play

This is the game open world mobile allows you to explore freedom in-game virtual world, or is able to play anywhere, anytime without the internet or 3 g.

Gangstar: New Orleans

If is a fan of the GTA legends then you will not want to Miss rookie mobile in this category from Gameloft is Gangstar: New Orleans. This is still an open-world game that allows you to do everything I want without having to worry what.

The game currently has appeared silently on the iOS platform as a free download. However, this is just a limited version for the Philippines, the fans need to have an account App Store in this new country looking forward to play. Compared to the predecessor version of Vegas, Gangstar Gangstar New Orleans is nice and “substance”.

Not only owns a vast open world and mystery, Gangstar New Orleans also give players the vehicles, weapons systems up to hundreds of categories, beyond your imagination. Not only inherit the characteristics of the GTA that Gangstar New Orleans also adds the new system entitled Turf Wars. This mechanism allows the player to set up the notorious Mafia gang to defend his turf as well as contested areas elsewhere.

Link download: iOS/Android

Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully is a scandalous but quite or title was released by Rockstar Games. Bully: the Anniversary Edition is a special version for mobile edition of the original game on the PlayStation 2 in 2006. In this game, you will some role as a kid in school improvement and minor while the birth mother then go Emelie mậ along the new lover. The game will let you explore a world open, go to the classes, complete quests, mini-games, experience and more.

As said, this is the version released on Anniversary game should will have the additional package contents to you try through outside play section. You can challenge your friends to try together in a mini-games online, things not usually found in the products of Rockstar.

Link download: iOS/Android

Battle Supremacy: Evolution

Battle Supremacy: Evolution set the war in a distant future, has remarkable technical and scientific background as in the fiction novel. In the world of combat weapons that can convert shapes from the tank into the fighter and vice versa. A fighter can also transform in the middle of the air into a completely different function.

Weapons (tanks, aircraft) are set automatically in pursuit of targets as they appear in the rada, glider controls left-right away by tilting the screen in the appropriate direction. And turn the protective shield is the main operation, besides the ability to switch weapons depending on the terrain and your favorite players.

Battle Supremacy: Evolution of ownership of high-quality 3D graphics, combined with audio created space conditioning smell firearms and mechanics. Mission system includes more than 100 single missions and multiplayer online mode, allowing the player to join the battle Team Death or Capture the Base. The tasks are divided into each level, complete them is almost mandatory to be able to own the new shape for the weapon.

Link download: iOS


Submerged in adventure adventure game genre, the main character in the story is the little girl Miku escapes after the terrorists have the same injured his brother ship also Nomad drifting boats everywhere. They came to a city that everywhere are submerged in the sea water and seem to have no human life.

To find a way to survive and heal for innocent children dying every single day in other cities this tough, players will charge daily search for food, drinks. Accordingly, by using the mechanism of climb and move quite similar to Tomb Raider or Assassin’s Creed, girl Miku constantly seeks opportunities to bridge the relief assistance.

Is an open-world adventure game at large, Submerged for players the right to move freely out of place to another. This moving system will aid the process of exploring the scenic surroundings and take players to push with interesting storyline that game brings.

Link download: iOS

Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a mobile game adventure immensely. Here, you will be able to make up her own destiny in a world unique only in the imagination. The story of the game starts when you join the maneuvers against Philadelphia. Due to negligence, you are trapped in a world parallel to reality. Accordingly, you will have to visit patch new mysterious world rife with surprises. Let’s use everything necessary to fight for survival, returned to the real world.

Times for each direct, you will see many beautiful, interesting area to hold their breath. The first is the Indian forests contain the dangerous lions, wolves. After that is the villages, you must face the terrifying zombies. However, you will be able to use many different types of weapons. You can even swim, diving to avoid evil crocodiles.

Let’s hunt wild animals, fish or fruit snacks to overcome the hunger and thirst. In addition, you also have to mining to find resources, weapons and the facilities required. Find the treasure buried in sign and many tools to win any questions in a peculiar world. Game mobile is also introducing a multiplayer mode to unlock. In it, you can fight with many other players in the arena.

Link download: iOS/Android



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