10 game mobile world opens for new year or, for comfortable offline play (P2)

Invite you to continue with part 2 is also the last part of the list of the game’s open world mobile allows you to explore freedom in-game virtual world, or is able to play anywhere, anytime without the internet or 3 g.

MadOut Open City

MadOut Open City is a combat racing game in a vast open world has ever been Nuligine released on Steam recovery in December 2015 before the mobile platform. The player will get a car and your mission in the game is customize it, then go to the street to create the “massacre” in the proper sense.

Gamers not just custom for the engine, or the color of the paint that can add to a series of heavy weapons such as guns, rockets, … and countless weapons to attack, other defenses. More than 20 cars to different pits the Player options and upgrades.

Link download: iOS/Android

Battle Supremacy

Focusing on the second world war, Battle Supremacy is divided into 3 different areas is the Pacific, Russia and France. Each location has different tasks but overall would be the form of such protected several targets at once, into a target, destroy an object, … In addition to the majority of tasks occurred on the tank, then the player is also involved and the battle takes place on the sea and on the equally unattractive.

The campaigns in Battle is not too long Supremacy but make sure that you won’t be able to play through 1 or 2 times because so many interesting mode was put into production about home help for you to have more opportunities to earn more points accumulated to upgrade and as well as the more familiar with the diversity of the media or of a map.

About the gameplay, how the controls of Battle out Supremacy too difficult as the series Sky Gamblers so players can easily smooth operation even on the small screen of the iPhone. You will use the virtual joystick to the left to move and the screen light Paws to rotate the turret. In addition, the option to automatically aim of the game also led to the destruction of the target is much easier, but it can make you feel quite monotonous when it has the opportunity to control a large number of other tank in the game.

Link download: iOS

Oddworld: stranger’s Wrath

Basically this will be a port of Oddworld: stranger’s Wrath on Xbox launched in 2005. However, a port will also contain a number of elements of the Oddworld: stranger’s Wrath’s HD remake for PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita launches in the period 2010-2012.

Oddworld: stranger’s Wrath the scene takes place in the distant Oddworld planet to seven times the size of Earth. You will the role of the Stranger-a bounty hunter get mysterious purpose of earning money to pay for his surgery. The fastest way that Stranger is chosen to go in the Chase, Hitman arrested criminals, who are outlawed in anywhere …

Link download: iOS/Android

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is incredibly immersive mobile gaming, the game takes players in a role-playing adventure hero through Mystic space of Greece, Egypt and ancient Asia to fight against many types of monsters in mythology and legend. Titan Quest also brings to the iconic Monster characterized as Harpy, Centaur or even giant Scorpion species as well as the contribution of the ancient Greek gods such as Prometheus and Hades.

Inherited the core of the English forums Diablo, Titan Quest also offers gamers a new experience that they can’t get. With the high peaks and unique gameplay, this mobile game soon created an entirely new force in the village of ARPG, may even get a chance to overthrow the rule of the legendary Diablo also perchance.

Titan Quest’s gameplay style similar to Diablo but nevertheless, action in the Titan Quest was pushed up higher, bring to the battle “the hunt boss” extremely monumental. Besides, once you’ve gone far enough, the system of skill variety with great effect will make gamers hardly take your eyes off the screen when mesmerized select Add new development branch for the character.

Link download: iOS/Android


Lili Child Of Geos has a fairly simple plot, tells the main female character named LiLi, a young apprentice in Geos. She was teaching, coaching comment way to fight with the wandering soul was by a “master” of the mystery. In the game the player’s mission is going to have to chase the souls and collect the “flowers” (a kind of similar items as an ingame currency) from them.

The chase the soul makes you take the run Chase, pretty much, you need to know to add some small tricks to siege or face them effectively. The player will be supported by a small map is very handy to help you see where and from which to select the location to ambush the enemy. When entering battle, you will attack the soul and control them. Then find a way to beat the bottom off the flowers from them. The soul will grow out the thorns to fight back, or toss bombs to reduce the control of you.

Link download: iOS


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